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From first Spanish words to conversations about everyday life, Español Latino's Spanish for for Kids program makes learning Spanish fun. Engaging, expert tutors tailor every lesson to your child.

The Español Latino curriculum is designed for students who don't yet speak any Spanish to students who are already speaking in simple sentences on a variety of topics. It includes conversation practice as well as writing and reading. Your tutor will assess your child's level and adapt the curriculum to their objectives and learning pace.

The curriculum includes math, social Sciences, literature, writing, grammar, geography, history and more. Parents get an email update from the tutor after each Spanish lesson and a lesson recording to see your child’s progress.

A1 - A2 Levels

Intermediate B1 - B2

Advanced C1- C2

It's Easy to Get Started

1. Book a tutor and time that works for you.

2. In your first lesson your tutor will discuss your child’s objectives and interests and develop a personalized learning plan.

3. Get regular progress updates and watch your child's fluency grow.

Interested in more information and grammar topics.

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