B1 Level. Quedar & Quedarse

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


How many uses and meanings does the verb quedar have?. Surely many times you have asked yourself this. In this post I show you some of the different ways of using the verb quedar. You also have examples with the verb quedar and exercises with the verb quedar.

The verb stay means two different things:

1. Quedar for Agreements.

Agree with another person to meet in a certain place and time.

  • – ¿Cómo quedamos?

En Sol a las cinco y media.

  • He quedado con Jaime para ir a cenar mañana. I'm meeting Jaime to go to dinner tomorrow.

  • Quedé con Yolanda, pero no se presentó. I stayed with Yolanda, but she did not show up.

  • Voy a quedar con mi abogado para solucionar todo el papeleo. I'm going to meet my attorney to sort out all the paperwork.

  • Quedamos en que me llamarías. We agreed that you would call me.

  • He quedado en ir mañana a comer con mis padres. I have agreed to go tomorrow to eat with my parents.

  • Mis padres han quedado en llevarme a mi restaurante favorito. My parents have arranged to take me to my favorite restaurant.

2. Keep a Quantity (which will then disappear).

  • A mí me quedan 25 euros. I have 25 euros left.

  • ¿Te quedan todavía entradas para el circo?. Do you still have tickets for the circus?