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A1 Level. Personal Descriptions using the verb to be "Ser"

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Personal Descriptions using the verb to be "Ser"

¡Hola, chicos y chicas!. In this lesson you will learn how to describe yourself and others using the verb SER. ¿Estás listo/a?. Let's get started!

The verb SER means to be. We can use the verb "Ser" for personal description and physical description. Ser is used for all permanent/long-term and personal descriptions. Ser is used to describe a subject’s personal characteristics, including age, character and appearance. What a person looks like and what they are like.

For example:

¿Cómo es usted? (Formal)

¿Cómo eres tú? (Informal)

Have you noticed when I say "Yo soy morena" or "Yo soy joven". "Yo" means "I". But in Spanish verbs also tell you who is doing the action, "Soy" means "I am". Most native Spanish speakers rarely use the pronouns when they are speaking to someone. So let’s try to practice using that form from here now.

Ex. Soy morena y joven.

You can also use SER to describe others people, this is really useful when you have to start describing your family to any friends. Let’s see Miguel's family.

Mi familia

Yo soy Siena, soy muy delgada, y esta es mi hermosa familia.


Let's practice

Listening activity No. 1: Personality adjectives

Let's practice what you have learned watching this video. Watch the video as many times as you need.

Quiz activity No. 2: Adjectives

Write the adjective indicated in parentheses with the gender and the corresponding number.

  1. Mi prima Rebeca es una chica (simpático) ______________________ .

  2. Este coche es de mis hermanos (mayor) ______________________ .

  3. Mi abuelo Luis es muy (alto) y mi abuela Rosa también es muy (alto) _________.

  4. Hola niña. Eres muy (guapo)______________________. ¿Cómo te llamas?

  5. Mi amigo Pedro es muy (inteligente)______________________ .

  6. Mi hermana Olga no está (casado)______________________ .

Quiz activity No. 3: Say the opposite using "un poco".

Example: Mi abuela es muy simpática, pero mi abuelo es un poco antipático.

  1. Mi abuela es muy alta, pero mi abuelo es ______________________ .

  2. Mi hermano es muy guapo, pero mi hermana es ______________________

  3. Mi tía es muy joven, pero mi tío es ______________________ .


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¡Hasta la vista!

The Español Latino Team.

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