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Fun & Creative Spanish Lesson for all Levels.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Are you looking for Online Alternatives Education for Homeschoolers? Or are you thinking about signing up your child for World Languages, like Spanish?.

Whether you’re homeschooling or looking to enrich your child’s education, online classes, such as those offered through Español Latino, can be incredible learning experiences.

With kids stuck at home, some families are turning to Español Latino, an online language school in Spanish.

What Is Español Latino?

Español Latino is an online language academy that connects language learners with experienced, former academy teachers.

Español Latino offers a variety of study options to meet all levels (K-Adult). It has beginners to advanced courses, including private tutoring, online classes and small group lessons.

Español Latino online instructors teach live classes to one - one- one and group of students (typically 4 - adult students) using Zoom, from less than 30 minutes) to semester long classes. Español Latino provide their own curriculum and the lesson plans and teachers sets their own schedule. Teachers supplement the lesson with props, rewards, and games. Students interact live with teachers and students from around the globe.

The tutors are experts in the Spanish language and will help you progress whether you are learning a new skill, preparing for a test, or need mentoring. Finding a class that suits your preference time is easy.

You pay per class or per package. There are no registration fees or long term commitments to take classes at Español Latino.

In addition to the lessons, Español Latino supports the students with active feedback and resources.

Classes are full of content and music, the subjects ranging from math, grammar, vocabulary and social study, ...even how to cook Colombian tortillas.

Why students Loves Español Latino?

“My children are thoroughly enjoying practicing Spanish with Español Latino! I decided to sign them up to give them some practice over the summer and to get support during the 20/21 school year. So far so good” said Dawn S, a mother and Español Latino student. She says "My children are already feeling more confident speaking Spanish and we will continue working with these enthusiastic and dedicated educators. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service!".

"I have enjoyed my first four classes with Yinette! I like that she provides multiple ways to stay engaged in Spanish outside her one-on-one instruction. She keeps things moving forward with ease and encouragement. I plan to continue with Yinette beyond the package of 10 that I initially purchased." said Tamara, an adult student.

"Yinette and her team are the best. My daughter loves her Spanish lessons and looks forward them. Yinette is flexible, understanding and such a great teacher. I highly recommended her!!" said Andy, dad.

Muchísimas gracias. Vamos a continuar durante todo el año con el programa educativo de los sábados. Muchas gracias,” said Karla Juarez, mom.

Her kid have taken Spanish lesson on Saturday.

“Me gusto mucho mirar como mi hijo le buscaba las respuestas y lo atento que estaba en las historias,” said Miriam, mom.

Español Latino also has some incredible teachers and is also creating a way for teachers to teach her passion from any part of world.

Irascema Carrasco, an Spanish teacher from Uruguay, uses Español Latino to teach her passion.

Gracias a Español Latino por darme la oportunidad de hacer lo que amo que es enseñar y gracias a los padres por confiarme sus hijos,” said Irascema.

Irascema is one of our outstanding tutor, she teaches immersion Spanish classes to children through our online course. Watch this video to see her in action. You can also find more videos in our website.

Español Latino also offers virtual tutoring if kids just need help with their normal school assignments and language camps during the summer.

"My 9 year old son really enjoys his weekly tutoring session with Yinette. We chose Español Latino because they combine traditional Spanish teaching with a STEM approach. My son loves technology so Yinette has incorporated that into the weekly lessons. Recently they took apart a laptop and my son learned about computer components in both English and Spanish. Yinette’s approach has really kept my son engaged. He’s really learning a lot!. We highly recommend Español Latino!!", said Carmen, mom.

Español Latino is always continuous looking to hire thousands of teachers to meet increased demand due to school shutdowns.

Teach what you love, teach what you’re passionate about so that you can share that passion with other people and ignite that fire.

Español Latino offers FREE trial class for each family that want to enroll in it's courses.


Everything you need to learn Spanish online or in person

Whatever you are looking for to learn Spanish you will find it in our blog, store, local meetup, small groups and 1 on 1 lessons, with free access to hundreds of online activities. No more excuses, you can start right now!.

¡Hasta la vista!,

The Español Latino Team.

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