Fun & Creative Spanish Lesson for all Levels.

Updated: Apr 20

Are you looking for Online Alternatives Education for Homeschoolers? Or are you thinking about signing up your child for World Languages, like Spanish?.

Whether you’re homeschooling or looking to enrich your child’s education, online classes, such as those offered through Español Latino, can be incredible learning experiences.

With kids stuck at home, some families are turning to Español Latino, an online language school in Spanish.

What Is Español Latino?

Español Latino is an online language academy that connects language learners with experienced, former academy teachers.

Español Latino offers a variety of study options to meet all levels (K-Adult). It has beginners to advanced courses, including private tutoring, online classes and small group lessons.

Español Latino online instructors teach live classes to one - one- one and group of students (typically 4 - adult students) using Zoom, from less than 30 minutes) to semester long classes. Español Latino provide their own curriculum and the lesson plans and teachers sets their own schedule. Teachers supplement the lesson with props, rewards, and games. Students interact live with teachers and students from around the globe.

The tutors are experts in the Spanish language and will help you progress whether you are learning a new skill, preparing for a test, or need mentoring. Finding a class that suits your preference time is easy.