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A1 Level. Disagreeing and Agreeing with someone in Spanish. TAMBIÉN vs TAMPOCO

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We recently learned how to express tastes and interests in Spanish. But what happens if you agree or disagree with a person related to interest or tastes. One of the easiest ways to agree with someone in Spanish is by using TAMBIÉN or TAMPOCO.

También is used to show agreement with a positive statement. It can have the meaning of TOO or ALSO in English depending on where the word is positioned.

-Me gustan las manzanas. (I like apples)

-A mí también.

- Yo quiero helado

- Yo también

We use tampoco to show agreement with a negative statement.

-No me gustan las manzanas. (I don't like apples)

-A mí tampoco.

- Yo no quiero helado.

- Yo tampoco.

If you want to quickly say that you disagree with someone in Spanish, you would often use: Yo sí or Yo no OR A mí sí or A mí no depending on the verb that is used in the first person’s statement (and if it is the verb Gustar or not).

When you agree with a declaration that contains a verb like GUSTAR (to like), the beginning of the sentence changes. Instead of YO, we use A mí . The same happens with the other subjects, becomes A ti and so on.

If somebody says "Me gustan las manzanas" (I like apples) and you don't you can't use también nor tampoco because you don't do the same as that person. We simply say Yo no or if the verb Gustar is used, A mí no.


Let's practice

Listening Activity No. 1: Verb Gustar: Disagreeing and Agreeing

Now, let's watch this fun video with Claudia and Sergio. In this video we will see what Claudia and Sergio like to do. You can also review how to use “GUSTAR” here

Now let’s practice what you have seen in the video, with the activities below. Remember you can contact your tutor if you have any questions. 

True or false

1. A Claudia le gusta la música electrónica. ____________

2. A Sergio no le gusta la música Jazz. _____________

3. A Claudia y a Sergio le encantan las películas de terror _______

4. Claudia dice "Me gusta desayunar churros con leche". _______

5. A Sergio no le gusta Claudia. ________


Quiz Activity No. 2: Test yourself

Download this free handout (Exercices with TAMBIÉN and TAMPOCO) and start practicing today. Free handout for you to practice. Click the blue button below to DOWNLOAD the free handout. Add your name and email and we’ll send it to you! Remember you can contact your tutor with any question have. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet? Please, leave a message if you want we prepare more activities about this topic. Thanks for helping us to improve.


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¡Hasta la vista!

Español Latino Team.

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