An interactive online school to learn Spanish from 4 years old.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Individual or group classes, personalized and entertaining from home with a flexible schedule. This is what Español Latino proposes, an online school for students from K -12 years old in which children draw, watch videos, practice conversations.

Dynamic and fun.

Such are the classes for children from K -12 years old that are taught at Español Latino, an online Spanish school that offers its students personalized and individualized learning based on their level and interests; with the added advantage of receiving this training from home and at any time thanks to its flexible hours. Parents can also monitor the progress of their children and even participate in these classes together with them to make learning much more rewarding.

Exercises, videos, conversation ...

Students access their virtual classroom where, in addition to making a video call with their teacher, they have access to different interactive tools so that they can participate, learn faster and get involved. Thus, they draw, watch videos, enjoy themed games, watch the slideshows shown by their teacher. They even play piano and cook traditional Latins Spanish dishes. The classes have a duration of 30 to 55 minutes, depending on the course the child is in.