A1 -A2 Level. What Are the Names for Body Parts in Spanish?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The names for body parts in Spanish are part of the basic vocabulary any language learner will need. In addition, you'll find these simple words very useful right away. Whether you're in a clothing store or a doctor's clinic, these words will come quite handy.

Here are some of the Spanish words for common body parts:

Grammar and the body parts in Spanish

There are two major differences in speaking about body parts in Spanish compared to speaking about body parts in English. 

The first is that, in Spanish, you must include a definite article with each body part term. Each singular body part will be preceded by the definite article el or la. The plural versions are los and las, respectively. In English, you could say, “The wrist and elbow are swollen,” with just one definite article before “wrist.” For parts of the body in Spanish, however, you’d need to say “La muñeca y el codo están hinchados” which directly translates to “The wrist and the elbow are swollen.” Each body part needs its own definite article.