B2 Level. 5 examples of adjectives that are also nouns

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Adjectives are words used to express the quality of a noun. However, in certain contexts they play the role of a name when they are usually accompanied by particular articles (el, la, los, las). In this post you will find 5 examples to practice its use.

Bueno (good)

Interpreta al bueno de la serie.

(He plays the goody in the series.)

Es un producto bueno para todos.

(It is a good product for everyone.)

Malo (bad)

Entrevistaron al malo de la película.

(They interviewed the baddie of the film.)

El partido obtuvo un resultado muy malo.

(The party obtained a very bad result.)

Pequeños (little)

Es una película para los pequeños de la casa.

(It is a film for children.)

Ayudaron a los pequeños inversores.

(They helped small investors.)

Grande (big)

Es el grande del equipo.

(He is major man of the team.)

Es el perro más grande del mundo.

(It is the biggest dog in the world.)

Nuevo (new)

No venció al nuevo.

(He didn’t defeat new player.)

Publica un nuevo libro.

(He or she publishes a new book.)

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