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Our Teachers  

Español Latino is an educational platform that connects language learners with experienced, native tutors.

We offer a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all forms from private tutoring, online classes  to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size.

Our mission is to help students achieve their learning goals through Spanish lessons that are fun, effective, personalized and convenient.

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Español Latino tutors come from many different countries but they share a lot in common. They are talented, friendly and reliable people. They take pride in helping their students achieve their goals and they are eager language learners themselves, which helps them understand the challenges their students are facing. 

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Our programs
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The Español Latino curriculum is designed for students who do not yet speak Spanish with students who are already speaking in simple sentences on a variety of topics. Our curriculum is the perfect introduction for new students. Each series includes 12 high-quality, beautifully illustrated units for teachers to use in class for levels A1 - C2.


Download Our Capability Statement Below and View Our NAICS Codes

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Meet the founder
Online classes | Spanish Now!

¡Hola! I’m Yinette, the founder and CEO of the online school Español Latino. Originally from Cuba. I am obsessed about school, children and students. I have more than 20 years in the education fields and experienced in International Baccalaureate.  I’ve taught students from all over the world to increase their ability and confidence to speak Spanish. I love to teach Spanish in a fun and dynamic way.


I am so  excited that you has decided to study Spanish and much more that you choose us as partner to invest in your language journey. Foreign language study provides many benefits for students in addition to the ability to improve their first language skills. We can help you to be successful in your study of Spanish even if you are not familiar with the language. Join us and practice daily with us.

I hope you will soon be part of our community of learners and spend some time at the school and experience firsthand the unique, vibrant and wonderfully inclusive community that is Español Latino.


A warm welcome,

Yinette Wisdom

Founder and CEO

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Online and In Person Tutoring

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