Spanish Holidays and Trips


The Spanish for Holidays and Trips I and II - online course is designed for all those who like traveling and who would like to learn some basic Spanish for going on holiday. The course contains 12 lessons with dialogues, texts and a wide variety of interactive exercises with which you will be able to learn and broaden your knowledge. Each lesson has a section on vocabulary containing words and indispensable expressions which will allow you to communicate in a clear and natural way.
Spanish for Holidays and Trips I
(Recommended level. A1. 

Lesson 1 Greetings and farewells

Lesson 2 Nationalities and professions

Lesson 3 The family

Lesson 4 Tastes and preferences

Lesson 5 At the hotel

Lesson 6 One day in the hotel

Lesson 7 Rent a car

Lesson 8 An excursion

Lesson 9 The weather

Lesson 10 Shopping

Lesson 11 At the restaurant

Lesson 12 The farewell

  • Lesson 8 Traveling by car

  • Lesson 9 In the city

  • Lesson 10 In the clothes shop

  • Lesson 11 In the kitchen

  • Lesson 12 At the doctor’s

  • Lesson 13 An invitation

  • Lesson 1 Plans for the next holiday

  • Lesson 2 At the travel agents

  • Lesson 3 At the airport

  • Lesson 4 From the airport to the hotel

  • Lesson 5 At the hotel

  • Lesson 6 At the supermarket

  • Lesson 7 At the beach

Spanish for Holidays and Trips II
(Recommended level. A1. 



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Key Points
Lessons context
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Communication
  • Reading
Lessons Context

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