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Join our beginner 6 week Spanish class and find out why we have the best Spanish classes in Georgia! Our class sizes are limited to 6 students (online) per class because quality learning environments are a priority to us!

Students are not just sitting in class taking notes; we have created a highly interactive environment giving students the opportunity to practice what they are learning with each other-something so many other places don’t offer!

Español Latino’s 6 week beginner course caters mostly to students ages 14 +. In addition to coming to your in person class, we now offer all students that enroll  24/7 access to the online “version” of our in person class! Access quizzes, notes,  and videos that cover what was taught in class. This added benefit powerfully reinforces what student’s learn in class so that true progress is achieved!

We use unique and original techniques to help all our student’s truly become Spanish speakers! We have the best Spanish classes in Georgia for that reason & for our fresh and original teaching techniques. Our Spanish courses all offer 85% more conversational practice than most places!

Our native professional instructor trains students to succeed in real life situations & conversations. Take our FREE trial class, if you need help deciding what level of Spanish you should take! Schedule our free class on our website.


See our FAQ

Key Points
Learning outcomes
  • Understand the most important rules of Spanish pronunciation & independently apply them.

  • Apply techniques learned in class to correct pronunciation on your own & improve reading.

  • Understand & use body language cues, facial expressions & tone to communicate effectively.

  • Comfortably have simple Spanish conversations & interactions.

  • Meet & greet Spanish speakers eloquently & ask basic questions in Spanish.

  • Use Spanish numbers 0-60 for giving contact info, shopping & travels.

  • Create simple sentences with Ser & Tener Spanish verbs for conversations.

  • Use sentence structure 1 & all Spanish vocabulary learned to create simple sentences.

  • Ask simple questions, answer questions using affirmative & negative sentences.

  • Course Duration: 6 Weeks
    Class Length: 1 hr
    Class Size:6 students
    Location: Online
    Cost: All Included- No reg. fees, Book fees, or taxes!

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Watch your  learning grow and have fun. Connect with your instructor via Skype or In Person and learn a lesson while sharing screens.