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Online Programs

You can learn Spanish with expert Español Latino tutors in live online 1-on-1  or group lessons!

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Spanish Before and After School

Session Length: 45 min  (Group Class)
Suggested Ages: 5-12
  • This is a Spanish immersion and enrichment program. Students will learn and practice their Spanish speaking skills through guided recreational play, speaking and listening activities, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Activities will be conducted in Spanish and will be planned to correspond with school themes and holidays.

  • The objective is to give your child the opportunity to learn and improve his/her proficiency in the language, while exposing him/her to Spanish and Latin art, culture and geography. Our programs are flexible and adaptable to the needs and requirements of your school.

  • A representative of the Español Latino would be pleased to discuss your options and our services. School administrators and parents can contact us.

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Spanish for Native Speakers

Session Length: 55 min
Suggested Ages: 6-18
Spanish for Native Speakers Language (heritage) Program is a customized  Spanish program with the  purpose to build a close relationship between culture, identity, and language proficiency for students who already have a connection with the language. Courses in the native track are rooted in the principles of the immersion approach
  • Scheduled individually on a fee per session basis
  • Discounts available for advanced payment
  • Discounts available for multiple sessions
To book a class, please refer to the class price list for more details. Students can schedule a one-time-only appointment or as many sessions as they need to master the material.
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Spanish Group Classes for Children

Session Length: 55 min
Suggested Ages: 4-16

Courses are offered year-round: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.

Students learn vocabulary centered around the themes of: home, family, seasons, weather, clothing, description, foods, common verbs, and more. They are taught pronunciation and reading skills alo