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Bienvenido/a a Español Latino, an online language academy that connects language learners with experienced, former academy teachers.  

We offer a variety of study options in all levels (K-Adult), from beginner to advanced, and all forms from private tutoring, online classes to group lessons.

Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. Our teachers are experts in their subject matter and will help you progress whether you are learning a new skill, preparing for a test, or need mentoring

We provide a dedicated education team, fixed timetables, scheduled group lessons, materials bank and feedback after every class.

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What do our lessons include?


Conversation will be part of every class. Everything we learn will be practiced in day-to-day conversations and we can talk about whatever topics you like! From day 1 you will know the structures to ask questions and answer properly.

Outstanding teachers

We will plan each lesson and correct your Spanish during our conversations. We will teach you how to speak like a local.


You will learn easy techniques on how to use and remember tenses and conjugations - it won't be too hard for you. We will cover a structured list of subjects, according to your level and learning pace.

Personal Plan

We will develop a plan just for you that is adjusted to your expectations and needs including: improving skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Plus, it’s all tailored to the topics you choose.

Practice Activities

Activities to practice at home will be included, which will be customized and relevant to the class we are doing. They will consist of writing and listening so you can continue practicing even when you’re not in class.


Remember, the most important thing is that you enjoy the process of learning. Every lesson will include activities and materials that are always engaging so you have a good time.

It's Easy to Get Started.

1.   Sign up for a trial class. We start with a free trial class where we will discuss your current levelgoals

interests and learning style and explain our teaching method.

2.  Choose the right lesson package. Check teacher availability, and select the desired date and time of your first class. You also have the option to set recurring dates and times.

3    Start to enjoy your one-to-one live online Spanish lessons. Connect with your instructor via Skype and learn a lesson while sharing screens.

4   Engaging Daily Lessons

Conversation and discussion topics content you will love to talk about.
We find new topics every week. You won't be bored.

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Recent Post

Carmen, Gafas 

"I learned more in my first week of Español Latino than I did in 6 years of traditional "Spanish" courses in my middle/high school. I am on week 3 of my courses and already speaking more Spanish than I ever thought was possible. I still have a ways to go, but after trying three schools, I can confidently say the approach at Español Latino is second to none."

Portland, United States

Mary, Hofman

"Yinette is an excellent teacher! Her lessons are structured to fit each person's particular requirements, and she is able to explain the different aspects of Spanish so that they are easily understood - which immediately gives you the confidence to go and put into practice what you've learned. I would highly recommend her!"

Atlanta, United States

Lucy, G

"My tutor was wonderful. She was very flexible in scheduling. My experience was fantastic. I went from being mute to speaking with any person about any topic totally speaking in Spanish without any English"

Atlanta, United States


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